Dog Walking

We provide your companion with daily exercise or one-off to suit your pet requirements. Your Trusted Local Dog Walking Service for your furry friends daily routine.

When being looked after by our team, your dog will receive lots of love, affection and personal attention. We can tailor each walk to any specific needs or preferences. We look after dogs of all shapes and sizes. If your dog requires longer or shorter walks, we are happy to provide this, and we are happy to let them off the lead when safe provided we have your written consent to do so.

Typically our walks last a minimum of 30 minutes but we can arrange shorter walks for puppies and for dogs that require less exercise for whatever reason.

We usually walk 1 to 2 dogs at a time. In the right circumstances we walk in a pack of no more than 6 dogs. Guaranteed 1 to 1 walking is available upon request.

60 mins Walk (Single Dog) from £14

+£2 extra dog, per walk

30 mins Walk (Single Dog) from £10

+£2 extra dog, per walk


Overnight Sitting

Why transport your pet to unfamiliar surroundings? Your furry loved one may develop anxiety problems while away from familiar surroundings and daily home comforts.

EJ’S World Of Pampered Pets move into your home while you are away to comfort your pet so they are not alone for hours. This provides you as the client full peace of mind that your pet and home are well cared for by Edward as your service provider.

We offer complete peace of mind by delivering a professional, tailor made service that meets the individual needs of every pet in our care. We firmly believe in really getting to know our customers and their furry family members. At EJ’S World Of Pampered Pets we take care of everything, looking after your beloved pet in the same way that you would do so that you can relax knowing they are in safe hands.

Overnight Sitting from £35 per day/night

Pet Sitting

For those pets who prefer the comfort of their own home we are here to help. We will look after your pet as you do. We will feed them at their usual meal times, take them for their usual walks, play with them and give them one to one attention. You can then rest assured knowing that your pet is being well cared for in their own safe environment.

We provide tailored packages to suit our clients’ needs from just popping round for an hour or so to keep your pet entertained, to taking care of your pet’s every need for longer periods when you are away. We are finding more and more that our clients are reluctant to send their pet to boarding kennels or catteries where they will stay in unfamiliar locations with unfamiliar animals.

Large Breed Visit (60 mins) from £15

Cat Feeding & Small Breed Visit (20 mins+) from £7 

Initial Consultation

Edward provides an initial consultation service to potential clients looking to use EJ’S World Of Pampered Pets for any of the above services. This gives the chance for potential clients and their pets the opportunity to meet Edward for the first time. Meaning that they are fully comfortable before EJ’S World Of Pampered Pets carries out the service, providing peace of mind that their loved ones are going to be well cared for in the capable hands of Edward.